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Take That Step

Wellness Together Canada is Canada’s first and only online platform offering immediate mental health support for people of all ages, in every province and territory. It was launched in response to growing mental health concerns related to the escalation of COVID-19 in Canada.

The virtual mental health platform is funded by the Government of Canada as a joint venture between Homewood Health, Kids Help Phone and Stepped Care Solutions – three of Canada’s leading and most innovative mental health organizations. The H+K team was asked to develop a strategy and tactical plan to: Drive traffic to the online portal; Differentiate it as a resource with a stepped approach to care; and enable people to improve their mental wellbeing.

Our strategy was grounded in the insight that people are thinking about their mental health more than ever, given challenges due to isolation and financial uncertainty. Many surveys were showing an increase in mental distress. However, not everyone may be taking action or know where to go as a resource. In fact, almost one half (49%) of those who feel they have suffered from depression or anxiety have never spoken to a health professional about it. To encourage people to go to Wellness Together Canada , we needed to spark action by making that first action seem doable.

We launched the Take That Step campaign by partnering with Canadian artist Jacquie Comrie to design a limited-edition shoe that was distributed to public figures across Canada to share their own stories about mental health and inspire others. The campaign aimed to spark action and was amplified with a fully integrated communications strategy including paid, earned, shared and owned media across various channels. H+K developed the content, managed the paid media buy, engaged politicians and influencers for endorsement, pitched media, and orchestrated the campaign from start to finish.

Results surpassed our targets. We generated over 76.8 million impressions across channels (paid, earned, social) with over 428,000 unique website visitors during the campaign.

Image at the top of the screen, in the header: Original artwork created by Jacquie Comrie for Wellness Together Canada.

Limited-edition shoe designed by Jacquie Comrie for Wellness Together Canada.
Sector: Health + Wellness, Government + Public Sector
Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy, Partnership Marketing
Office: Toronto

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