FMW Isik Schools: Social media communications

As the agency of record for FMW Işık Schools, one of the leading and most respected educational institutions in Turkey, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Turkey jumped into action on March 25 when the Turkish Education Minister announced that schools would close until April 30 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing only with online education. To support the Turkish Government’s official message of ‘Stay at Home Turkey’ H+K proposed the idea of inviting Işık students to share their reasons for staying at home via social media.

Together with FMW Işık Schools, H+K developed a social media campaign with videos collected from students in various grades – from elementary to high school – all with a key message that encouraged people to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. H+K created the hashtags #Evdeyiz (WeAreAtHome) and #EvdeyimÇünkü (IamAtHomeBecause) to support the video collage and suggested that the children state the reasons why they stay at home, such as to honor and respect those who need to work during the pandemic. Common statements from the students included ‘I stay at home because I like my country’ and ‘I stay at home because I care for my family’.

As soon as the video was released on both Instagram and Facebook, it gained significant viewing figures and engagement, helping to deliver the message in an impactful way. To date, the video montage has reached over 3.7k viewers on social media.

Sector: Government + Public Sector
Specialist expertise: Issues + Crisis, COVID-19 Intelligence + Advisory Communications Team (I-ACT)
Office: Istanbul

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