Commission for Environmental Cooperation: Reducing Food Waste Through E-Learning Content

Food waste is what happens in our homes, and in stores, restaurants, schools and communities when we throw out food that could otherwise have been eaten. When we waste food, we also waste all of the resources that went into growing, transporting, selling and preparing it and that is really bad for the earth.

North Americans waste approximately 168 million tonnes of food per year – enough to bury the downtown of a major city. This food waste has serious and complex environmental consequences, which many people are unaware of. H+K is working with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) to address this problem through the development and launch of the #ShrinkFoodWaste awareness campaign to educate youth on the impact of food loss and waste and inspire everyday behavior changes.

Through a range of tools and e-learning videos developed and deployed in three markets (Canada, U.S., Mexico) and three languages (English, French and Spanish) – we’re shining a light on how youth can help reduce their contributions to North America’s food waste problem to help save the planet.

Visit the CEC’s Food Matters Action Kit for more information or follow along on social media ( Facebook , Twitter , Instagram ).

Specialist expertise: Better Impact™
Office: Toronto

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