Twitter: #FeminineArabic

Twitter wanted to drive true societal impact around inclusivity and respect for all genders at its core.

As part of an integrated team of WPP agencies, H+K supported Twitter in launching its Arabic (Feminine) language setting, a new language feature allowing brands and users to address Arabic speaking women as they should be addressed: as women; reshaping how the platform engages with Arabic-speaking women, and making Twitter the first social media platform to offer “Arabic (feminine)” as a language setting to women around the world

Under the hashtag #FeminineArabic (أتحدث_بالمؤنث#), we launched the campaign to a combined audience of 3.8 million followers through Twitter’s regional MENA handle (@TwitterMENA), regional marketing handle (@TwitterMktgMENA), its global communications handle (@TwitterComms) and Twitter Arabs (@TwitterArabs), with a video highlighting female-led Arabic conversations on the platform calling for representation. Users just needed to sign-in on the platform and opt into the Arabic (Feminine) option available in the drop-down menu.

To help amplify and humanize the movement following the initial launch Tweets, we partnered with brands across the region to engage with the campaign, and take the opportunity to connect with their female audiences and reaffirm their commitment to women empowerment. Instantly, brands directly engaged with Twitter by re-tweeting the post or commenting on it. Hundreds of brands, from Samsung, to MasterCard, to Puck and adidas joined the conversation.

The movement gained even more momentum – with brands creating full-fledged #FeminineArabic campaigns.

Additionally, we secured +100 pieces of coverage across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, including endorsements in top tier media, such as Asharq Al Awsat, Yasmina and AlAan newspaper, Sky News Arabia, and Dubai TV who acknowledged it as a great step forward that would prompt other companies to do the same – encouraging more conversation on gender equality.

And to prove that doing good can be commercially viable, brand partnerships with Twitter increased by 23% during the campaign.

The campaign was recognized with a Silver Lion for Social & Influencer at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022. And overall Grand Prix winner for Digital at Dubai Lynx 2022.

Sector: Technology
Specialist expertise: Media Relations, Content + Publishing Strategy
Office: Dubai

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